Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fitness Round Up brought to you by Pinterest!!

I haven't brought you guys a fitness round up. I have been scouring Pinterest a lot over the weeks to find some great new routines and see what's hot now. First I have to say tershat I am not into the blogilates, POP pilates craze with Cassie. I think most of her moves do not actually count as Pilates nor do they follow the same basic practices that Joesph Pilates followed. They are not slow and controlled movements to tone muscle, they are more odd movements and I find many to increase the chance of injury in the wrists and ankles. Her moves require a lot of strain and twisting on those joints and they certainly can cause pain. I also don't feel or see any benefits from her routines. However, I did find one exception and this routine did work for me and I repined it:

Instead of fad workouts, basic pilates routines like Winsor Pilates and many pinned by Women's Health Magazine I have found are very well explained, focus on safety, and making the moves as effective as possible for us and they also give examples for effective modified moves for various fitness levels or areas we feel more strain. This link is one of my favorites for the full explanation and selection of moves.
Another routine I found is also from Women's Health Magazine and it was fun too!

I have gone back to good old fashioned moves that are easy but effective on the body with less possibility of strain on the body and joints. My favorite routines are still Kickboxing; you get so much bang for your buck and they are very fun. Pinterest pinners have compiled thousands of routines that we can all do at home, even as beginners. For those exercises, I use pre-written routines to follow easily. If you don't know the move, just type the name of it into a search engine and several YouTube videos will pull up to show you how it's done! Here are some of my favorites:

Mountain Climbers and Wall Sits are my new favorite exercises and they work! I do a lot of these routines similar to this with planks, push ups, bicycle crunches, and kickboxing routines in front of the TV. I am a huge NFL fan so on Sundays I work out through all of the games doing these moves and I love them! Here are a couple more I loved so much:
To see and pin all of the excellent workouts I have found on pinterst, you can add me on Pinterest. My screen profile name is jlarsonm on Pinterest! See you there!

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