Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Architecture Week continues...

House 1:

This house is a beautiful blend of modern design and country living. The home isn't on a plain, square concrete slab with pretentious deck furniture or featuring a gleaming pool deck. It's a clean structure with excellent natural color appeal and lovely greenery all around. This is why I chose the interior shot to match with it because the Earth tones continue through the interior, with clean lines and natural elements, but again there is nothing pretentious here. This home has less of city feel to me, and more of a cozy abode outside the loud traffic and obtrusive skyscrapers.
I chose this pool to add for the backyard because it is still simple and elegant without a flashy deck structure or fancy pool chairs everywhere. This to me adds to the calm ambiance of relaxation and gorgeous living without needing to brag. I think I would add some dark rock around the perimeter to better match the color scheme of the home, but that's it. This place does not need any fancy landscaping, tall palm trees, or anything else.

House #2

This house has obvious charm as does the immaculate lot. Look at the lush landscaping all around, and the pathway up to the front door! Walking up those steps everyday would transform any bad day into a good one and my down time would be reading a book on a bench amongst the flowers and sunshine.
A lovely home and garden need a lovely interior and kitchen to match so why not this one? The windows look right onto the wonderful landscape all around for a view worth cooking for. The lanterns just add character to the home and there is nothing in this home that is trying to prove anything. It's fabulous the way it is. You don't need elaborate counter stones or dark cabinetry; plain white cabinets and ivory tops make it feel even more spacious and accent the charm of the exterior.
That's why this pool fits in so perfectly. The landscape welcomes the natural stone and still water. This is an elegant pond in an elegant garden with nothing ostentatious to take away from it. That's the way a home should be.
House #3

For the last home of the day, I threw in a fancy New York City high rise with out of this world views.
This huge condo has the upscale amenities and city views with a multimillion dollar price tag attached. You can't deny what's right outside your window though.

It's a dream penthouse for most people and so it's expected to have huge rooms like this one and a terrace just as nice. If you have the money and desire for a view from the top, this is perfect. I would change the flooring to a different wood, but still keep it light. I could not be unhappy walking through this home of natural light, sunny color scheme, and terrace to walk out onto. Could you?

When you are 30 stories up above the New York City streets, you certainly do not expect to have a yard but you do anticipate a walk in closet much like this one. A stunning penthouse condo wouldn't be complete without one. I don't personally own a thousand pieces of Chanel, but someone who owns this home, most likely would and keep it like this.