Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Can You Say He's Not Trying?

"I stand by my country and whoever stands leading it.  I never wish for any president to fail unlike Limbaugh, I do not want my nation to fail.  Under every presidency, I try to find the things they did do, and if they get a slow start and make a lot of mistakes, that they acknowledge them at some point and vow to do better.  I understand this job is bigger than life and harder than any realize until they've done it.  I continue to think that our presidents learn as they go, and by the end of 4 years or 8, they have turned things around.  I assume the best in people because I have faith anyone is capable of errors and mending them.  You are never too old to learn new tricks and I pray that Obama and our Congress fix what they did wrong and learn from them the next two years.  My judgment will be my vote next Election Day."

Those are my beliefs.

He has made BP responsible for this spill, financially, publicly, and he has made them set up an escrow account to pay the fishermen and natives of the Gulf losing their livelihoods due to this disaster and they are paying the bill for the clean up.  He made visits, talked to local governors, ordered the Coast Guard to pressure BP and bring in more recruits and volunteers to siphon the oil and save the wildlife.

New jobs have been made since he came to office, the Cash for Clunkers was a huge success, offshore drilling is now banned as he puts major pressure on auto companies to make electric cars, and he brought in Clinton and Bush to join the nation together.  Health care and the economy are picking up as he continues to talk to Congress to vote on measures and set aside differences to get more done for the country to be bipartisan.  He has advocated to help Haiti, healthier school lunches, cutting Welfare abusers, and new homeowners received tax incentives.  Those who can afford more to help America, received a slight tax increase to go for education instead of Bentleys.  He is working with our enemies to be friends and work together to have more allies and less terrorist enemies that can attack our nation and kill our people and children.  He canceled vacations to do most of this.  Give the guy a break.  This is a tough job that was already a disaster when he was elected.  The economy already sank and all of this takes more than two years or a term to fix.  The economy has always been a roller coaster of ups and downs caused by previous leadership and mostly Wall Street and loan companies.  Big wigs got greedy to finance anyone and put us in a hole.  This will take more than one term or even two to fix.

What do you actually expect him to do in the Gulf?  He is working on it.  It's up to BP to cap the spill, drill the relief wells,  and clean up.  Do you make someone else clean up the mess you made?  BP makes the mess,  they clean it up.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Six Month Anniversary of Haiti's Quake

I'm watching a special on Haiti, 6 months today after the quake and I see these children starving as less people send aid to help and it makes me realize that seeing their bones and bloated stomachs from malnutrition, I understand why so many adopt in these types of countries so these children don't have to continue living this way and die of terrible disease. What I don't understand are the selfish A-Holes who criticize American families for adopting out of the country. How many foster kids do you know living as bad as African and Haitian children, and why does it matter? Giving a child a great life has no country boundary lines, no matter who you help, you are doing a great thing. Don't be selfish, all children around the world deserve any great heart to feed them and love them.  I agree our children deserve homes as well but if you're going to make someone feel bad for adopting another nationality, then can we call you a racist?  Can we make you feel shameful and inconsiderate for adopting no one?  Should those who have their own children or IVF be made to feel guilty?  No.   No one should be discriminated against for making decisions that suit their families best.