Monday, July 12, 2010

Six Month Anniversary of Haiti's Quake

I'm watching a special on Haiti, 6 months today after the quake and I see these children starving as less people send aid to help and it makes me realize that seeing their bones and bloated stomachs from malnutrition, I understand why so many adopt in these types of countries so these children don't have to continue living this way and die of terrible disease. What I don't understand are the selfish A-Holes who criticize American families for adopting out of the country. How many foster kids do you know living as bad as African and Haitian children, and why does it matter? Giving a child a great life has no country boundary lines, no matter who you help, you are doing a great thing. Don't be selfish, all children around the world deserve any great heart to feed them and love them.  I agree our children deserve homes as well but if you're going to make someone feel bad for adopting another nationality, then can we call you a racist?  Can we make you feel shameful and inconsiderate for adopting no one?  Should those who have their own children or IVF be made to feel guilty?  No.   No one should be discriminated against for making decisions that suit their families best.