Monday, January 10, 2011

A Time For Nationwide Reflection

Saturday's events were horrific as people lost their lives, including a nine year old girl at an event in Tuscon, AZ. There has been speculation as the use of cross-hairs imagery and dialogue has been heated in the past years while America faces one of their darkest hours. Sarah Palin was also criticized after the shots were fired at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who is now in stable condition in the ICU.

As speculation mounts against several politicians like Palin after the crosshairs map that included Giffords; but we also need to remember like the poor, sick soul who almost took her life, there are individuals out there that take the banter as clues of force action and we need to remember that as tragedies happen, no one is helped with pointing fingers and ridicule. Sarah Palin and others are wrong to put those images on anyone but it is not right or just to blame someone who had nothing to do with the shooting.

We have the right of free speech but we also have rights to express ourselves in other ways. Sometimes it is far better to be silent or less argumentative. The things that we say and the things that we do have an affect on people and words are very powerful, as all writers and readera know. We need to remember to have our differences but not our defenses. Speak from the heart what is true but keep heart in every word. What happened to Mrs. Giffords is sad no doubt but lashing anger words is only making it worse. When we take our hearts out of our actions, tragedy will always occur.

This is a time to remember that words do hurt and even little actions like those crosshairs pictures can be hurtful. Put your heart back in the actions and words to put the value back in another's feelings.

We all have said things that make others upset and I know I have but it goes too far when no one sees the love behind. We say things in arguments we don’t even mean or feel and loved ones know the dust and anger will settle but outsiders and spectators cannot always see behind the imagery and metaphor, to some all that is clear is the hatred that is displayed. The symbol put on Gabrielle Giffords represents violence and the words attached represent distaste and they appeared to be sincere, unkind thoughts of many and it's these things we cannot keep around. To debate another is one thing but to attack is dangerous.

Keep in mind what is appropriate, if you wouldn't want your three year old saying or doing these kinds of things then perhaps you should reconsider your approach. Be kind unto others and treat them as you would like to be treated.
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