Monday, July 25, 2011

Under the Moon

People love to flaunt their happiness about all sorts of things and often label their feelings as being "over the moon" in delight or in love. It's a nice feeling. I have been blessed with that feeling many times in my life as well; but I have also felt under the moon. I have felt so sad and defeated where I feel like there is no possible way I could ever leap over the moon at this moment because I am so exhausted or uninspired to go any distance. It's a debilitating emotion that takes over everything and secretes in tears, anger, disappointment, and emptiness.
I don’t know anyone who truly deserves to suffer this way; but sometimes I want one or two to feel it with me because I deem them responsible for the agony I mostly think they caused. There are days when we wear thin and holes develop. Between those holes our sorrows are released and the pressure of compacting is all too powerful. Controlling the burdened heart and head takes heroic might and class.
One day you are enthralled with the graciousness of life, and tomorrow brings anguish and second-guessing. The morning starts wonderfully, then you are reminded that not all is perfect and happy. You remember all the things no one sees, or can even believe, but you live them every single day. You pick up dirty socks and sticky dishes without a peep, and they never know you ever did it for them. Would a person even remember they left their ice cream bowl on the counter if it was picked up and washed for them? Your actions are silent and unnoticed. No one ever knows how many dishes are taken care off, socks picked up, vacuum strokes made; except you.
That is the unfortunate side effect of imperfection. Nothing is clear skies and rainbows everyday or euphoria every moment. This is the point of realization to garnish in your memory. People will hate you, ignore you, forget what you do, and like the greats of past, you may never earn the respect you deserve until you are gone away or gone forever.
Do not ever let anyone continue to make you feel this internal struggle or liquefy your emotions. Strength in its purest form, is the hidden courage you harbor. When standing up for yourself is detrimental or hurtful, the only better option is remaining quiet and indignant. The sun always sets again, the darkness is merely a phase of another's stupidity and immorality. Nothing you are responsible for. If you hang upside down, that frown looks like a beautiful smile.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011


With a taste ever so sweet, and a sweetness ever so satisfying
Such a unique presence, immediately telling what is underneath
At first glance I see a rugged exterior, Hiding behind a special armor
You are a little rough around the edges, not perfectly smooth and pure, though who is?
We all have our flaws and wounds of life that all can see, so long as we do not judge one another based on those small imperfections alone
You may be tough on the outside, but on the inside I know how delightful you really are
Soon not even that strong outward layer can keep me from you
If we were meant to be apart, we would not have been brought together
I could try to walk away but now I fear it is too late
Just one taste of you and I know I am in paradise
There is no need to hide or watch from a distance
The timing is perfect, you are ripe for my picking
If I can't have you then no one should
This is the day I admit how much I have wanted you
How many days I have waited for this moment to arrive
Seasons will change and plants will wither
There will be wonderful summer days we spend together
And there will be times we go so long without one another
But know this: I promise to be there. I will come to you when I need comfort and when your own days of despair come. Some days you will feel like the world is eating you alive, but know even then, I will be there.
I won't walk away because you are not the tallest or the strongest
You can grow into a short, plump brute but I will still love you
But I will not let you waste away like some men do in their later years
I picked you because I have faith you are the one for me
I chose wisely, I look at you and I can tell I did well for myself.

I am sure you have figured out by now that I am talking about a delicously ripe pineapple.

Oh you thought I was talking about a man? Oh well I assume you read with complete sarcasm then?
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life After Rape

I have been training as a new volunteer for our local sexual assault services and rape crisis hotline; and as I sit through classes every night, I am saddened, disappointed, angry, and devastated to learn the laws that lack or do not exist at all to not only help these victims of all ages and their families but also to provide them the help they truly need for the long haul.

Rape and sexual assault are so hard for people to hear that local high schools have kicked us out of their offices when we requested to speak with children about bullying, sexting, sex, rape, and the ramifications of these actions that our young adolescents so rarely think about until it is far too late and sometimes young lives are taken at their own hands as a result of these frightening circumstances.

As you know I have announced I will be running for political office very soon to help my local area and I want you to know that I will be adding new bills to my agenda to write and push through Congress. No one should go through the struggles alone and I want all affected, including the children of victims, to never fear to leave a situation in order to stick with their bread winner. Times are tough but not nearly has harsh as a home with rape, molestation, violence, pain, and tears. Government assistance was set up for these dire situations rather than those individuals that are not using it for that purpose.

My intent to hold office is to make lives better and citizens happier. This is a beautiful country but we can do far better to protect everyone with resources, education, help, and care. By working together as Americans we can honestly make on our promise of a better tomorrow. Peace, honor, trust, and appreciation. -Jenn
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Learning Everyday

These past few weeks have been a splendid journey of education and enlightenment. I have been working in a stellar job with infinite promise and volunteering for our local sexual assualt services to help victims of rape and sexual abuse find their way back to light.

Spending time in these two places continues to introduce me to more of the world I was previously blind of. This is such an extraordinary time in my life. Everything I am doing will only bring me to the forefront of my dreams and spectacular realities. Life seems too wonderous to be possible to be more miraculous but I certainly welcome any more blessed opportunities.

Being a writer and aide in the medical world is tremendous and also coming into helping our community in need after rape and assault is giving me even more to grow, and help the world in the ways I have always dreamed.

These endeavors are laying the tracks for running for office and showing me where the real faults lie. My hopes to run for office and bring a new direction to the constitutes has only increased and I continue to find positive guidance to bring what our homeland truly needs. I want to finally see euphoria spread across the land. I have so much and know that millions have less than nothing so I take nothing as nothing; everything is worth something real inside.

Each day, I live, I laugh, I love, and I appreciate.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Time For Nationwide Reflection

Saturday's events were horrific as people lost their lives, including a nine year old girl at an event in Tuscon, AZ. There has been speculation as the use of cross-hairs imagery and dialogue has been heated in the past years while America faces one of their darkest hours. Sarah Palin was also criticized after the shots were fired at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who is now in stable condition in the ICU.

As speculation mounts against several politicians like Palin after the crosshairs map that included Giffords; but we also need to remember like the poor, sick soul who almost took her life, there are individuals out there that take the banter as clues of force action and we need to remember that as tragedies happen, no one is helped with pointing fingers and ridicule. Sarah Palin and others are wrong to put those images on anyone but it is not right or just to blame someone who had nothing to do with the shooting.

We have the right of free speech but we also have rights to express ourselves in other ways. Sometimes it is far better to be silent or less argumentative. The things that we say and the things that we do have an affect on people and words are very powerful, as all writers and readera know. We need to remember to have our differences but not our defenses. Speak from the heart what is true but keep heart in every word. What happened to Mrs. Giffords is sad no doubt but lashing anger words is only making it worse. When we take our hearts out of our actions, tragedy will always occur.

This is a time to remember that words do hurt and even little actions like those crosshairs pictures can be hurtful. Put your heart back in the actions and words to put the value back in another's feelings.

We all have said things that make others upset and I know I have but it goes too far when no one sees the love behind. We say things in arguments we don’t even mean or feel and loved ones know the dust and anger will settle but outsiders and spectators cannot always see behind the imagery and metaphor, to some all that is clear is the hatred that is displayed. The symbol put on Gabrielle Giffords represents violence and the words attached represent distaste and they appeared to be sincere, unkind thoughts of many and it's these things we cannot keep around. To debate another is one thing but to attack is dangerous.

Keep in mind what is appropriate, if you wouldn't want your three year old saying or doing these kinds of things then perhaps you should reconsider your approach. Be kind unto others and treat them as you would like to be treated.
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