Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Just a Test

Everything happens, in the blink of an eye, many spend their hours wondering why, but I know the truth, and soon you will too, let me tell you now what I've learned to be true

I've had my world, smashed around, I've had my trust thrown down, to the curb, but every time I stood up, I knew, I made it through, and you will too

People will always bring you down, someone will always hate you and berate you, but know this now, it's all just a test, some pass, some fail, and some cheat, in the end you'll see, everyone gets their earned grade from the choices they have made

Tears will hit the ground, hope will dwindle down, but only when you make a smile a frown, will everything come around

Don’t let it bring you on the floor, times are tough but there's so much more, I know where to always find an open door

Every year is another question on the test, sometimes you'll answer the same problem from years ago, but to pass, you have to learn to grow, only then will you find everything you ever should know

When we look back, at decisions we made, memory helps us think, how to avoid the same mistakes, of yesterday

When your heart is crumbled on the ground, when only pain seems to surround, when you lose someone you love, when nothing seems to go right, remember you can always go left, it's just a test of might

With every incorrect is a correction, every mistake has a solution learned, here we stand right now, take a bow or go another round, the story doesn't have to end unhappily ever after, can't you save a character to once again bring laughter

Life is a test of courage and faith, within yourself, a test of heart and grace

When the view becomes tragic, turn around, and like magic, the scene is new, now exists a different perspective, we are tested to help us grow, to improve life, the pile hits the fan, to show each of us that we can, stay calm, move on, it's just a test of will to see who's strong
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sweet Josephine


Within each thought lies care

Within each action is compassion

Motives only pure and selfless, and no redemption value is ever imposed

With each generosity comes charm and grace

The highest of all classes and ranking the lowest nowhere Because disregard and ill-will do not exist inside

With great remembrance and splendid adoration

This soul will never wilt as even the most beautiful rose will

This heart will never wither like the rose

And even more beautiful than the rose, this center of elegance and wisdom will always remain in bloom

This heart, this soul, this center of eternal loving kindess

Is you
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dream On

Dreams are shattered by nothing more than being unfulfilled; nothing kills a dream like laziness and pessimism.

Almost everyone has dreams of something more and plenty have had a dream fade away. The real destruction of dreams are the dreamers themselves that never tried.

Dreams go unlived because the person didn't work towards it completely or made excuses. Somehow, those that accomplished, found a way. Busy people find a way to go to college, one class at a time, or cutting back on other expenses to get it done. Hardships will always exist but the strength from within can beat anything in life, an explanation is by any other name an excuse.

People with artificial legs run marathons, blind or deaf students excel in college, single Moms with two jobs find a way to squeeze in courses to get ahead in life and better provide. Life will bring a lot of bad days, how you handle them is up to you. Tragedy can destroy or inspire, misfortunes can deter or motivate. When obstacles present themselves, only you can shift the dark cloud.

People shouldn't hold you back either. Never let anyone harm your ambition. Let them huff and puff, so long as you don’t let them blow you down. Very few things are currently impossible, dreams are always worth chasing but they won't come true if you keep running at one speed; it's time to pick up the pace and become a dream catcher instead. Everything wonderful in life has come from taking risks, relying purely on faith something incredible will occur, and going after slim chances. My life would not be this great without providing myself hope. Had I not bothered to try new adventures, I would not be here and smiling. Take one deep breath and a deeper dive into the magnificent land unknown, full of potential and good things. Dream on.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


How do you love, like you never have before? How do you search, for something even more? How do you find, the one you truly do adore? I think it happens by surprise, I think we learn to search inside, to find what our hearts really need to survive.

The unexpected will happen from time to time. In the most awful of times and happiest days, two hearts must stand together in order to carry on. Love and friendship are the greatest gifts to own. Under storm clouds or sunshine, don’t simply let go.

Raise your glass and your hearts to hope and triumph. May what is had be enough. May what is lacked be found and with care, be packed. Each are blessed moments, days and a blessing is a terrible treasure to waste.

How do our souls know, when the other is right? How do you see, when there seems to be no light? How do you hold on, never less than tight?

I think each embrace is touched with care and grace. I think it all happens in the right time and place. We must trust in all the world and space. To satisfy a heart, that's what it takes.
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