Wednesday, December 8, 2010


How do you love, like you never have before? How do you search, for something even more? How do you find, the one you truly do adore? I think it happens by surprise, I think we learn to search inside, to find what our hearts really need to survive.

The unexpected will happen from time to time. In the most awful of times and happiest days, two hearts must stand together in order to carry on. Love and friendship are the greatest gifts to own. Under storm clouds or sunshine, don’t simply let go.

Raise your glass and your hearts to hope and triumph. May what is had be enough. May what is lacked be found and with care, be packed. Each are blessed moments, days and a blessing is a terrible treasure to waste.

How do our souls know, when the other is right? How do you see, when there seems to be no light? How do you hold on, never less than tight?

I think each embrace is touched with care and grace. I think it all happens in the right time and place. We must trust in all the world and space. To satisfy a heart, that's what it takes.
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