Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dream On

Dreams are shattered by nothing more than being unfulfilled; nothing kills a dream like laziness and pessimism.

Almost everyone has dreams of something more and plenty have had a dream fade away. The real destruction of dreams are the dreamers themselves that never tried.

Dreams go unlived because the person didn't work towards it completely or made excuses. Somehow, those that accomplished, found a way. Busy people find a way to go to college, one class at a time, or cutting back on other expenses to get it done. Hardships will always exist but the strength from within can beat anything in life, an explanation is by any other name an excuse.

People with artificial legs run marathons, blind or deaf students excel in college, single Moms with two jobs find a way to squeeze in courses to get ahead in life and better provide. Life will bring a lot of bad days, how you handle them is up to you. Tragedy can destroy or inspire, misfortunes can deter or motivate. When obstacles present themselves, only you can shift the dark cloud.

People shouldn't hold you back either. Never let anyone harm your ambition. Let them huff and puff, so long as you don’t let them blow you down. Very few things are currently impossible, dreams are always worth chasing but they won't come true if you keep running at one speed; it's time to pick up the pace and become a dream catcher instead. Everything wonderful in life has come from taking risks, relying purely on faith something incredible will occur, and going after slim chances. My life would not be this great without providing myself hope. Had I not bothered to try new adventures, I would not be here and smiling. Take one deep breath and a deeper dive into the magnificent land unknown, full of potential and good things. Dream on.
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  1. This was such a great post, Jennifer. It reminded me of someone I once knew. Back when I did my student teaching, I taught a few sections of sociology that had mostly HS seniors. One of the girls had a child her junior year, and you know what, she was one of the top students in her class. She NEVER complained - the work was always done, on time, and she never made excuses. With everything she had going on, I was so impressed she not only kept going, but was a stellar student.

    You made a great point: "Life will bring a lot of bad days, how you handle them is up to you. " That is why I started writing - it distracts me from the negatives and allows me to channel everything into something positive. It's still extremely hard to push through life some days, but I really am trying. Having a project that excites me has really helped!