Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sweet Josephine


Within each thought lies care

Within each action is compassion

Motives only pure and selfless, and no redemption value is ever imposed

With each generosity comes charm and grace

The highest of all classes and ranking the lowest nowhere Because disregard and ill-will do not exist inside

With great remembrance and splendid adoration

This soul will never wilt as even the most beautiful rose will

This heart will never wither like the rose

And even more beautiful than the rose, this center of elegance and wisdom will always remain in bloom

This heart, this soul, this center of eternal loving kindess

Is you
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  1. Very strong and clear expression. It conveys a lot of confidence I think, in that the words are very certain and stable, as though you have no doubt at all about what you want/need to say. And yet, there is the open question for the reader: who was/is Josephine? You chose to reveal everything that was precious and noble and endearing about her--but not who she was, specifically in relation to you. But that's the poet's prerogative, and if you were more revealing about who she was--mother, sister, friend, aunt, confidante...whatever--perhaps the obvious power and directness of the verse could have been undercut and compromised.

  2. It was for my great aunt Josephine who has been a great person in my life and always there for me.