Thursday, March 3, 2011

Learning Everyday

These past few weeks have been a splendid journey of education and enlightenment. I have been working in a stellar job with infinite promise and volunteering for our local sexual assualt services to help victims of rape and sexual abuse find their way back to light.

Spending time in these two places continues to introduce me to more of the world I was previously blind of. This is such an extraordinary time in my life. Everything I am doing will only bring me to the forefront of my dreams and spectacular realities. Life seems too wonderous to be possible to be more miraculous but I certainly welcome any more blessed opportunities.

Being a writer and aide in the medical world is tremendous and also coming into helping our community in need after rape and assault is giving me even more to grow, and help the world in the ways I have always dreamed.

These endeavors are laying the tracks for running for office and showing me where the real faults lie. My hopes to run for office and bring a new direction to the constitutes has only increased and I continue to find positive guidance to bring what our homeland truly needs. I want to finally see euphoria spread across the land. I have so much and know that millions have less than nothing so I take nothing as nothing; everything is worth something real inside.

Each day, I live, I laugh, I love, and I appreciate.
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  1. First, congratulations on both endeavors as each sounds wonderful and fulfilling. I have alot of respect for someone who continues to seek new and different aspects of our world and the people in it. The fact that you've gone in with an open heart and are learning from the experience, while helping others along the way is brilliant. I wish you much success and look forward to reading more about your journey!

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  3. It is wonderful to do things that truly satisfies our soul, isn't it? It is amazing to follow your dreams and enjoy the journey along the way. Keep up the good work. :)