Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Humane Slaughtering- How can you humanely slaughter an animal?

I hate when people say they look for meat that is humanely slaughtered.  There's no such thing.  Have you ever been to a butchery?  Well I have.  Cows are tied up then wiggle and squirm while a butcher tries to put a pellet through their temple.  It's not a simple point and shoot, the cow feels nothing.  This is real murder.  Remember the cow that escaped a New York City meat factory?  She escaped because she wiggled free of her restraints and ran for her life.  See for yourself that there is no humane butchering.  Go to a slaughterhouse or listen to people who have worked in them.   YouTube slaughterhouses and see what comes up.

Some slaughter houses slit the throat as their main killing purpose or if the gun didn't kill the cow right away and still the animal feels great pain before it dies.  There is no way to humanely kill an animal.  Humane and murder are exact opposites, sorry people.  My grandparents raised cattle for meat and I can tell you from firsthand experience a cow knows death is near and there is no way to kill them gently without much pain and suffering.  All this nonsense about humane killing is BS.

Stop trying to justify your love of meat.  Just say you're not a vegetarian and call it a day but don't give yourself credit for claiming to eat humane food when there is no such thing unless you grow and raise it yourself and prepare it.

I don't justify humane slaughter because there is no such thing.  Slaughter, is real humane slaughter is not.  A bird's not is not harmed to pick a tomato or a pea pod.  There are no nests even around.  You can say you meat but if you believe there is actually such a thing as humane murder, you're incorrect.  Yes the animals are killed and put to use but not humanely and FAR fewer animals are harmed in vegetable production if any because they aren't intentionally being killed and housed in disgusting, crowded corrals. 

It's more than how they're killed but also how they are raised, pumped with fillers, steroids, and housed in horrible conditions making them sick and carrying those diseases to us so consumers get Mad Cow Disease and E. Coli bacteria.  The meat industry is barbaric and careless.  They'll market any gimmic to protect their reputation.  That same meat is fed to chickens and pigs to plump them up in addition to the contaminated living quarters and drugged diets chickens and pigs live in so your meat is now ten times more dangerous than it was when the animals were born.  The pork and chicken you eat are all susceptible to deadly toxins from their diets of contaminated beef  and disgusting housing areas.  Meat recalls and factory closures happen all the time but the USDA does it quietly because the meat market is in the same pocket of government as Big Oil.

 A Chino, California slaughterhouse has been shut down three times in five years for unsanitary conditions and selling meat with dangerous bacteria.  That bacteria was spread to other meat shipments when the USDA tested their slaughtering cleavers and knives to discover they had several strands of bacteria and had not been properly sanitized in recent weeks.  That same business was found to be killing sick animals testing positive for diseases that could harm humans.  They were ordered to shut down three times because the first two times, they were not compliant.  It took the USDA three visits to make sure business stopped while consumers reported major illnesses and hospitalizations.

Other slaughterhouses say they haven't had an inspection in years!  This happens all the time in the industry as major meat packing companies pay out money each year to politicians.  It's all corrupt.  Did you hear about this slaughterhouse in the news and the massive recall of their meat?  Probably not because the media was paid off and much of the meat was discreetly recalled.  Grocery store owners also don't want the bad publicity because less people will buy their meat if they admit to buying from a company recalling tainted meat and the same goes for restaurant owners so they send the meat back without telling anyone.  The only one you can trust with your food is you.

Killing is killing. Can you humanely abort a pregnancy? No. There's no such thing as humane murder. They negate one another. Humane slaughter is an oxymoron that doesn't make any sense.

You either eat meat that has been killed by the hands and weapons of humans or you're not eating meat.  That's it.  Stop saying your cow was killed humanely, because it wasn't.  It's BS!  Can you humanely kill a human?  No.  Maybe pulling one off a ventilator or pulling the plug as you may call it, but to get to that point the person had suffering beforehand and cows aren't magically shut down or put on life support.  So-called humane slaughterhouses don't have magic cows that sit still, take a bullet, and rest in peace while the rest have normal cows that move and recognize the moo of pain.