Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Frustrations Amount Over Environmental Destruction

I am so sick and tired of the way the environment is treated and the lack of humility in millions across the globe. Treating animals, the air, and our beautiful planet is more important to me than almost anything besides my family of course but I want to see real proactive change being done to stop destroying our environments with landfills full of plastic and batteries, and our needless waste of things that could easily be reused or recycled. I've seen perfectly good teddy bears that could have been given to a poor family or leukemia patient in a hospital. I am so tired of the poor attitudes many bring to this amazing planet that has been selfless to provide everything we could ever need and we do nothing in return but treat it like a spoiled child saying "Gimmie." I care deeply about the Earth and I want to see more done and strangle the IWC for not banning whaling for good EVERYWHERE.

I just had to say this and express how I really feel about careless attitudes everywhere I go. It's literally making me sick. My congestion and sinus headaches have been at it for over a week now as I see more garbage bins full of recyclable items and perfectly good things that could be donated to Goodwill.