Tuesday, June 22, 2010

IWC In Session Regarding the Future of Whaling

Lifting any ban on whaling is inhumane and disgusting. Whaling needs to be banned and left that way. It's as simple as that. Whaling is internationally illegal, that would be a great ruling.
People who don't think stopping whale hunts are important have no idea how ecosystems work. They are vital to the environment and the circle of life. This is a no brainer to me but the IWC has faulty logic and neurological issues. Save the whales and let Japan and other nations research like others do and eat cows or soy burgers. I'd rather save the whales then their lucrative business of whale meat.

I don't have to think twice to know there is no research need for whaling. Whales die in the wild and captivity all the time and tissue samples and stomach contents can be weighed then and even taken while the whales are alive. Tissue samples can be done on live animals without slaughtering but God forbid animals go WITHOUT suffering. That would just be wrong right? Japan and Iceland seem to think so.

I'm more about saving whales than black market meat sales and money from animals necessary to the environment. If the IWC really cares to see who is hunting for scientific research, rewrite the bi-laws to outlaw the sale of meat and see how far down whale hunting becomes in popularity. This isn't scientific research, it's a loophole to let animals die for no reason in horrific fashion.

I think I make point well that I don't give a darn about the whale meat trade and how profitable it is for other nations. So is beef but we don't take animals directly out of the environment to extinction to eat and make money. I'm a vegetarian but I will support Japan selling beef before killing a species off the Earth. At least cows we raise and breed. Again I don't eat any animals because I value all life but whales are so significant to the wild and natural balance of the oceans. If you must eat meat, please don't go to whales to do so. We aren't breeding and raising them nor should we so they will die out one day far too soon and the oceans will never be the same.