Monday, February 23, 2015

It's Architectual Design Week!

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In celebration of beautiful architectural and interior design, I have decided to dedicate this week's blogging to coincide with Palms Springs Modernism Week. #PSModSquad has taken over the California desert and Instagram with user shots inside fabulous homes from modern home tours for the event showcased in Palm Springs until Feb. 22.

Modern homes with vibrant colors aren't my desired style in a home but some designers know how to make it work. I have compiled some gorgeous homes from Instagram and Pinterest, along with different backyards and interiors to spotlight stunning home combinations. I take great homes and mashed various details together to create visual alternatives of home and interior design. The combinations aren't actual components of the rest of the home, but they would certainly work. It's all about custom fitting a home your way.

Up first: Casa Equis, Peru

This is a stunning modern home with natural elements, like the wood siding and patio flooring, leading to a direct ocean view. A home like this brings in natural light all around and of course is surrounded by nature itself. With modern architecture design homes, you don't need a plethora of potted plants and patio furniture all over the deck; less is more. The clean, squared lines and the design of the home itself, are the décor. 

This isn't the actual bathroom inside the home but it is a compatible design if you were designing a similar home for yourself or remodeling after some of its details.
It's small, minimalistic, yet elegant, and also takes advantage of the ocean views and bright sunlight common at the beach.

For the back deck, obviously the wood must be darker to match but a similar design of wood, unobtrusive railing, and possibly a small hot tub on the rear deck, finish out the structure of the house. Beachfront properties are homes with two faces. The back is the rear from the street but the front to the beach and also where occupants will spend a lot of time, so the back porch view needs to be equally amazing as the front. Implement the two tone wood and bigger, non-sided windows, you'll have a uniformed look of awe, from front to back, tying in the three images together. I like the Jacuzzi idea for cold, winter nights under the stars, listening to the waves crashing the shore.

House #2:
 Private Villa, Dubai
This Giuseppe Colosimo modern home boasts stunning architectural style. The two story chocolate brown squared arch frame in the back of the home adds beautiful color and sophistication to the home. Notice the pool area color design as well as the pool tile itself. It's a touch of class and smoother surface than basic concrete that most middle class homes use.

This is one spacious master bath! The predominately white room adds the illusion of space and minimalistic flair. The basic color allows the marble tub and stainless steel attributes to stand out. The straight edges and minimal décor make it modern and showcase true design.

This back patio lounge area complements the brown square archway coming out to the pool, and it's perfect for the cooler nights or after a swim. Off to the side of the pool lounge, this area brings in color and ambiance. I love the glass balcony on the second level to keep in tone with the architecture of the home to tie in this sophisticated lounge to the rest of the property; and it's divine for entertaining.

House #3

Karl Beath©
This home has a modern pool has you can see and the large stepping platforms to it are amazing. I love the pool within a pool idea. I love the iron trellis doors on the balcony upper level. Their stylish, functional attribution to the home is unique and so essential to the home's design. When open, they provide ample open space and great access to the outside. Without them, the house is very plain and quite ugly, to be honest.
Step inside to the elegant staircase to match the beautiful sliding doors on the wraparound balcony. This staircase is elegant. Again, it makes the home on the inside as well. Without it, the interior is simple and boring.

The home clearly has a pool already but this pool deck and surrounding landscape would finish off the look for the back of the home. This picture is from a home in Malibu, hence the palm trees in the distance; but a little landscaping anywhere brings a touch of beauty and separation from the world. Palm trees always bring a smile to my face because they remind me of the beach while I lounge around, even if I'm not at the beach.