Thursday, February 26, 2015

Architecure and Design, #3

House #1:

This white modern house uses its surroundings to make it a home and sell its features. It's white and square at first sight with few windows; but when you look around, you see the ocean views a hundred feet away. This is very similar to a home we saw in Cabo San Lucas in April.

The inside, is just as simple and white.
The idea behind homes like this, is allowing the clean lines and minimalistic design to further showcase the ocean surroundings. This office space uses black furniture to stand out and create the room, rather than a coat of paint or fancy d├ęcor. Notice how the light seems triple to that of a normal room and it appears quite large.
Would you expect the closet to be anything less? Homeowners who like minimal design, tend to carry over those "less is more" feelings toward stuff in general, including wardrobe.
This is where the house stands out and turns into a home. The tropical surroundings and outdoor space are what make this home so incredible and allow you to appreciate what it's architecture and design are all about.

House #2

Are you a multimillionaire? Great! This is the home for you.
This $2.35 million home has three levels, a huge pool in the back as shown above, tropical landscaping all around, and plenty of colored rock to add to its pizazz.
Fancy homes have several fancy living rooms, many never used, that add to its splendor; think the Grayson Manor, from Revenge.
Over the top people buy over the top homes and furnish it with over the top things, like Louis Vuitton bedding. Why not, right?

House #3

Not everyone can appreciate country living, but when the home and lot is as beautiful as this one, many would reconsider. The back porch wraps around half the house, looking out into the greenery all around. The landscape in the front yard consists of just a few small shrubs. When your yard is the forest, what else do you need?
On the inside, there is a little more luxury to be had in this updated kitchen with a nice chandelier, painted cabinetry, and spacious floor plan. The dark wood floors have been restored but the home still retains its original charm.

The only thing that might make this yard of forestry a little more charming and beautiful, is a nice garden guest cottage for your guests to have their own small abode to sit out and enjoy nature all around during their visit.