Monday, October 27, 2014

Vegan Fish? Review of Sophie's Kitchen Vegan Fish Patties from Whole Foods Stores

Last week I was in our new Whole Foods and came across a section of Sophie's Kitchen products. I looked at the freezer and thought "vegan fish, could it be!" I told my husband I had to try these so I took a box home and tried them for dinner. I did the bake version of the instructions because I am not a pan fried girl.

According to the printed instructions, they take approximately 35 minutes to bake after you pull the four patties apart and place them on a baking sheet. They were so frozen together, even after thawing ten minutes I decided to bake them anyway. They had a light breading on them so I should have ran the package under hot water but usually that makes vegetarian products soggy in texture even after baking. I baked them in my oven which usually cooks faster than recommended cooking times; but it didn't. They were still frozen hard in the middle and of course getting soggy from being frozen and still stuck together after half an hour.

They took a total of 45 minutes to bake and they had a slight lemon batter scent to them. Texture wise, they crumbled and did not flake or come out close to a filet but I tried them anyway. The taste was alright but not even close to fish. The box advertises they taste great and are a great substitute for those with fish allergies or who love fish but are trying to eat more animal-friendly. I recommend the pan fried version so you can flavor them more and get a better texture.

On the back of the box, they also stated a breaded shrimp and calamari version which I may try. I don't completely pan this company but I do recommend extra flavoring yourself in a pan and as a side instead of the main entrée for flavor and substance. Nice try though Sophie.

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