Thursday, September 5, 2013

Football is back!!!!!!!

Delayed about 45 minutes for a severe thunderstorm warning and lightning but NFL football resumed for the first time to kick off the 2013-2014 season with Peyton Manning hosting the Baltimore Ravens in Denver. 
The Ravens scored the first touchdown of the game and from there it was scoring feast for both teams with the Ravens leading 17-14 at the half. The Ravens also had two collisions from their own players resulting in two injuries. Those players, including Michael Oher, did not return in the game.
Early in the second half, the action picked up including a blocked punt, giving Peyton Manning an instant first and goal. Raheem Moore delivered a stunning hit on Dallas Clark in his quest for redemption after last season's playoff loss. Peyton Manning also had a pass ruled complete to Wes Welker though it actually touched the ground. The Ravens' defense looked to Coach John Harbaugh to throw the challenge flag though he didn't. That mistake quickly cost them a touchdown pass to Welker and momentum for the Broncos. From there the score rose again and Peyton threw his fifth touchdown pass of the night and second to Wes Welker, making the score 35-17 with five minutes left to go in the third quarter.
The first score of the fourth quarter was Peyton's sixth touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas, giving the Broncos a 25 point lead at 42-17. Then after a commercial break, Flacco throws his second interception which is returned for a quick touchdown for Denver--or was it? Wesley Woodyard runs it to the end zone but in a premature victory dance and dropping the ball short of the goal line and his knocked down where is ankle is twisted back. He leaves the field. The potential 32 point lead ends up not to be and the Ravens get a safety and first down. They capitalize with a touchdown to make the score 42-24 while Peyton shakes his head in disbelief on the sideline. Woodyard walked off the field in pain and gets screamed at by Coach John Fox. The Ravens later kick a field goal to be within 15 points of the Broncos with 5:29 left in the game at 42-27.
Peyton threw his seventh touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas for a score of 49-27. Peyton is the sixth man in history to throw six touchdowns in one game. From there the game and commentators switch to the usual “game over, what could have been, and mistakes" tone. With less than three minutes, Flacco has been sacked again and the ball is punted back to Denver where the clock will run out for Baltimore.
The defending champs come to the two minute warning completely defeated and exhausted. Game over and in the record books for all time.

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