Thursday, March 14, 2013


When we get upset as humans we have a vast array of actions and emotions that ensue as direct reactions to our frustrations; but rarely do we carry out violence as a response and continue it day to day. In those instances, they turn into headlines and the person is dubbed by society as a crazy mad man as the obvious diagnosis. Such is the case with Christopher Dorner. He wrote a manifesto of racism and being fired from the LAPD but was racism really the source of his rage? He accused his superior of kicking a mentally ill man though all sources and public witnesses deny the allegations.
In his manifesto, Christopher states that self- preservation is no longer important because he died long ago. Before the violence and the stand off with police he felt his soul was already dead. Because he was fired and dealt with racism at work? Maybe he was fired and scorned, not for being a black man, but for being a man making crazy accusations and trying to make whites in the LAPD look bad in efforts to show “see it's not the blacks". Maybe he was fired because of his outlandish actions and attempts to bring others down. He clearly had a desire to sit high and have his skin color be seen in a radical new light. Was he just a crazy man his colleagues believe lied to reverse racial judgements?
When we have bad days or lose our jobs, yes, we do react. Some of us have gone out to get drunk and we do stupid things. Some punch the wall, get into crazy arguments over nothing, or we throw something against the wall. What we don't do is something violent to an innocent relative to our enemy then carry on for another nine days in the same frame of mind. We wake up from our drunken deflection and realize we have to move on and we were morons for acting out. Dorner did not wake up from his pain, he did not see any error or remorse, he did not turn himself in, give up his fight, or even try to cop an insanity plea. He continued to kill and destruct. That cannot be because he was terminated from a position he only held a couple years where he struggled socially.
He became sick long ago, and that's his hate. He hates police for his past and doesn't trust the world anymore either. He didn't put blacks in a better light as he hoped and he was disgraced for the reports he filed that only appeared to be lies against others to defame them so he can be the hero. Maybe that's it. He wanted to be the hero that didn't fit the stereotypical mold of the white fireman saving a child from a burning building. Maybe he wanted to be the big man no one would suspect. Hence the nine day spree and pursuit to the cabin where it all finally ended. There is more to his past than being fired and dealing with racism. Christopher Dorner had respect for no one and nothing. He is only a victim of himself and foolish behavior.