Friday, October 23, 2009

Learning Everyday

They say you never stop learning.  It's true.  I am learning something new everyday and some lessons I'm learning again.  Some things I have already learned but the next time around I understand even more and come out with new life experiences.  It's like reviewing an Algebra lesson, remembering how to solve the problem, and then finding a more efficient way to solve it with less work and greater understanding.
As we grow up so many things come our way and a course review just seems to be necessary.  Sure, it's boring to go through something again when it wasn't fun the first time, but when you sit there and realize new tactics.  There are situations you come across more than once in any relationship whether it's a marriage or just a business partnership, some problems you've come across before come back and you must deal with them again.  The good thing about this is, you can look back how you handled the situation then and what you learned, and now you are more likely to find an even better and faster approach to a solution, where you've just learned something new again from the same mishap.
I have learned this recently and I realize some things aren't always dead in the water, but if we allow ourselves to grow and learn at any age, then we will be our most successful.  It's not always best to be set in our ways, even if they have gotten us to our top self by now, we still have to learn to change as the world does around us and understand that being an old dog, sometimes learning that new trick isn't so bad, and can actually be better for us.
I am 24 next month and I'm wondering in 20 years when I am about to turn 44, will I remember all this that I have learned about reinventing myself and what else will I know about myself and my surroundings on that birthday?
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